into the sea

built castles at
the edge of seas
strolled beyond mere

ventured below
a mirrored plane
to an
otherworldly domain

and frolicked
in the make believe


twysted roots reach toward the sky
as flocks of songbirds flutter by
drops of sparkle the drizzle catch

yet all this beauty could never fetch
a smile adorned me ever for
alike the first and endless more

along the way became addiction
somewhere emerged a dark affliction

in nights of dreams a song
in days a longing haunt

to spy her shadow cast
now as in the past

a gift

on a mission today
with unlimited funds
for a gift to befit

nowhere could i find
a moment with you

posit this small little token
a watch
hands missing or broken

to implore such a time
no obligations or moments
that require attention
just each other the onus

you and no other

til death do us part
so the story goes

cant keep this promise
as it would truly impose

on our first inclinations
forever ...
we chose

vous et nul autre



miss her when awake
dance with her asleep

little things trigger images
others force tears

whence they come
impossible to dismiss
consume the days ... evenings ... nights

there is no escape
from love
its an addiction

not from above
but from here and now
from an earthly desire

an embrace
a glance
a caress
her voice

amidst shadows

beyond gloaming go a seeking
something nothing being

endlessly furthering
grasping lure leaning
frivolous demeaning

wishing wanting meaning
so perpetual this seething

hearts together feeling
longing for the ringing
bells that tolled
the singing

lies a satisfying seeming
an endless loop reeling

first glance

lives intertwined
hearts inclined

subtle smile
across the room

all distraction
vanished too

focused emotion
a silent trance

oblivious world
a solitary dance

bid adieu
back to circumstance

in the moment
a chance


dont succumb your position
to the crowd
they're probably wrong
just loud

no thought
no discern
just loud

fight til the end
for the end


dichotomous key

when a half is the whole
and it is extinguished
the remainder becomes indistinguishable

Too Deep

too deep
real and imagine

reason dismissed as unworthy
sorrow remiss too earthly

together alone
hearth end surround

between us
nigh to follow
preclude this

to uncover the measure
legend of symbols familiar
answers to every bequest

more than you know

much lies beneath
the stippled hue
of life's equate

beauty persists

missing shadows
from once she stood
breathtaking so she was

her twysted locks breezy blown
atop a cloud our lives had flown
in darkness dreams my eyes do see
my world as it used to be

hands thine in mine
we walk the path
perfumed petals
thorns of wrath

never lose touch
embers of such

gaze crystal pools
depth unfathomed

sundrenched bronze
ivory pale
gilded locks regaled

goddess of my sea

sine cera

to take the impossible task
create worthy a semblance
why ask

hewed to last
through ages en masse

curls flowing in marble
fixed gaze of azure
lips defy movement
just a word would ensure

without wax


alone in desolation
no picasso fills the air
time requires movement
do i dare

shade thy eyes
to hide
welled tears

feelings invoked
fire stoked
burning out

this to tend



enthralled to have met her
empty without

elated she embraced
an enamored we

exquisite so she was
exemplary so she is

elysian she ...


why do i come here
what do i see
steadfast calm
in a turbulent sea

in solace wane

fleeting sparks
in solace wane

in hearts can rage
in hers so fiercely

a life consumed


what do you cover with that dress
whom do you mimic or impress

just to draw ire mock or jeers
or maybe to unrobe their childish fears

to bring so close that foolish prey
then break their heart to their dismay

for one day we die clad in costume
dear what will they say about us posthume

fairy tale

it's a fairy tale
that i did not understand
until i closed the cover
upon the very last page

some might close it halfway through
others might not get through the first page

as soon as you've lived it
you get it
until then, you don't

how do you teach someone to find this?
someone born from this
i still do not know

curls in denim

strewn in diamonds
clad in denim
blue eyed
blonde curls a must

a rhythm for always
or so they said

dont feel anything
for all we've been fed

silence isnt golden
once you've lived those prose
adrift and awander
sand in my toes


for all the dreams
shattered in dust
one gem

her voice not heard in so many years

arm in arm
so many tears

decade to decade
a love that wont fade


for beneath celestial skies
eternities from tomorrow
the sweeping sentry of time ceased

her bronzed soul enveloped me
crested waves stood witness
the spark of life kindled

tempest tides of warmth subside
radiant glow revealed

new year's eve

picked her up
she wore that little black dress

27 years later
on new years eve
picked her up
in ashes



i chose her
and she chose me
for eternity

for a moment
for a time
could be

for two lifetimes
each other
only she & me


a single note
not a rhythm makes
nor the romance

strings of them
tease the dance
the tale a chance

marry me

just might see
you and i
were meant to be

page out of time
song for the ages

neither matters


lying here tonight awake
wondering of the pain ill take
then looking towards the stars and skies
only to see your caring eyes
hold my heart
wipe my tears
console my soul
create one fear
in the morning when i rise
yet to another grave surprise
your absence from my life came true
then thine eyes would not be blue
with a sigh, i wake because
just a dream is all it was


the heart you hear before you
belonged to my late wife
hers by decree

per her last testament
this she possessed
became mine

now broken
not of her doing
but tied to her existence

by an emotion
impossible to articulate


Ex Cape

this is it
no turning back
all the goodbyes have been said
the tears shed
now its all up to me

car is packed
warmed up
and although my feet are slow to move
it is time

the streets are still damp
from the late night fog
the sun still buried in the east

a perfect escape
or at least that is what i tell myself
i know the truth too, of course
is no escape
just a different view

well, a different view
is just what i need